Apolla Echino

Apolla Echino
Video Producer & Director

Apolla Echino was born in Alberta, Canada. She has an insatiable curiosity that has informed her diverse producing and directing career. Her work includes a feature film (“A New York Love Story” – iTunes, Amazon, Hulu) and a documentary series about adventure travel as a solo woman (“A Woman’s Guide to the World” – Air New Zealand, Outside TV). She has produced and directed a vast array of branded content for companies across the technology, finance, healthcare and travel sectors (, Nixplay, Recovery Centers of America, among others). In 2017, she was thrilled to work on “The Game Changers” with Executive Producer James Cameron and the Academy Award-winning team behind “The Cove.” Her work combines the epic and the personal, telling human stories in profound landscapes. She is an avid winter surfer in NYC, and gets most of her ideas while waiting for the next wave.

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