Are We Human? …Or Are We Something Else?

Mermaids, superheroes, and Captain Cartoon, oh my! Here’s a round-up of 4 of our favorite stories about people who are a little more than human.

Are We Human? …Or Are We Something Else?

4. Secret Life of a Mermaid

Story by Maureen O’Hagan

Their lavish costumes and group swims provide a community they could never find on land — so much so that they don’t identify as human.

3. The Superhero Saga of Brooklyn’s Weirdest Burger Joint

Story by Robert W. Fieseler

When a comic book fiend realizes his longtime dream of opening a superhero-themed eatery, a battle of epic proportions is only just beginning.

2. The Weird, Wacky and Wild Ride of Captain Cartoon, Father of Bat Boy

Story by Dylan Taylor-Lehman

The incredibly colorful true life story of Dick Kulpa, a nerdy small-town kid who loved cartoons so much that he became one.

1.  Secret Life of a Volunteer Superhero

Story by Ali Hussein

Meet New York’s amateur avengers, the nighttime warriors who patrol our parks and safeguard our streets—spandex and face paint most definitely included.

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