Abby Carney (Editor)

Abby Carney is a freelance writer and editor in New York City. She has written for The Washington Post, Texas Monthly, Glamour, Saveur, Roads & Kingdoms, among others. She’s the editor of Edible Queens, and is currently earning her M.A. at Columbia Journalism School.

Stories By Abby Carney (Editor)

The Mystical, Mind-Sharing Lives of Tulpamancers

Drawing on ancient Tibetan practices and a very human need for companionship, these people believe they have figured out how to create sentient beings within their own bodies.

My Secret Lives in The Facebook Role-Playing Universe

As a shy teen, my cure for loneliness was a weird and wonderful world where we created fake celebrity profiles — and formed surprisingly intimate connections.

The Secret Revenge of an Assault Survivor

At 11, Estela killed her rapist and fled to the U.S. Fifty years later, she’s revealing the story that made her the resilient woman she is.

The Pen Pal Who Changed a President

When corruption threatened the administration of Chester A. Arthur, one ordinary woman put pen to paper. Julia Sand’s passionate letters caught his attention, and rewrote history.