Aditi Sriram

Aditi Sriram is a writer and editor. She is working on a novel set in India and adapting her chapters for “harikatha,” an ancient Indian oral storytelling tradition that she premiered at the Bowery Poetry Club in October 2013. She holds an MFA from The New School and studied mathematics at Columbia University before that. She has lived in New York City for ten years.

Stories By Aditi Sriram

The Little Prince With a Bronx Twang

Seventy years after an enigmatic French author and aviator disappeared over the Mediterranean Sea, one New Yorker is obsessively determined to keep Antoine de Saint-Exupéry alive.

C’mon! Drink up!

Cancer, crying and cocktails. Crafting friendships at the bottom of a glass.

Resurrecting the Book Market of Baghdad

When a car bomb obliterates Iraq’s millennium-old literary heart, a bookseller seven thousand miles away resolves that the voices of Al-Mutanabbi Street will not be forgotten.