Alabaster Pizzo

Alabaster Pizzo is a cartoonist and illustrator who lives in Queens, New York.

Stories By Alabaster Pizzo

The Dominatrix Class That Changed My Life

I was unlucky in love and desperate for confidence until the day I showed up at a sex dungeon above a Japanese restaurant and spanked a man. I haven’t looked back since.

The Sound of Solidarity

The journey of meaningful donation.

Searching For CPL S.J. Lyons

The man I want to give money to.

Gospel Sunday at Sylvia’s

Strangers, Sylvia's and $20.

Three for $10

Newports and sundresses. My friendship with a homeless woman.

Showtime, Ladies And Gentleman, Showtime

In NYC it's always showtime.

Black feathers and regrets

Have I ostracized myself from crow-society for eternity? Only time will tell.