Alden Wicker

Alden Wicker is a freelance writer and founder of Ecocult, an online magazine about all things sustainable in the city.

Stories By Alden Wicker

The Quarantined Hippies Trapped in a Jungle Paradise

When COVID flared in Panama, 20 travelers from 18 countries holed up in this eco-village and shut the gates. Things in the outside world got worse, and now they might never leave.

That Time My Mom Married a Lion Killer

Our house became a hunting lodge, and that was just the beginning.

A Strange Sport’s Saddest Season

Circle rules football was just a lighthearted game with a bizarre set of rules and a yearning for mainstream acceptance. Then it got deadly serious.

Where the Bass Never Stops

Dancing til daylight with Brooklyn's hyper-friendly, ketamine-fueled, ever-eclectic house music party people.

Last of the Furriers

Decades removed from its gaudy heyday, one of the world’s preeminent tailors continues crafting coats for New York’s dwindling class of fur-lovers.