Alissa Fleck

Alissa Fleck is a freelance journalist whose work has been featured on the Huffington Post, TruthOut, Bitch Media, and in several national newspapers.

Stories By Alissa Fleck

Capturing the Briefest of Lives

When an infant dies or is delivered stillborn, distraught parents face the heart-wrenching process of how to memorialize a child who doesn’t survive.


Down in the ‘Danch

Free to Fly

A chance encounter with an airline employee allows a struggling student to start living the dream life of a jet-setting playboy.


From Ekpedeme to Oljas, a scientific look at how the complexity of a given name can shape youngsters' view of themselves and their world.

The Midnight Drill

On call with an eleventh-hour savior for supermodels, Secret Service agents and anyone else with a late-night toothache.