Allen Agostino

Allen Agostino is a photojournalist and longterm documentary photographer. He is now based out of Detroit, where he will continue to delve into documenting issues facing contemporary American society. You can email him at [email protected]

Stories By Allen Agostino


Life in the Hole, Part III: The Cultivator

Raising animals, tending to gardens, and building his own house, all while living off the grid (literally), in New York’s most overlooked neighborhood.


Life in the Hole, Part II: The Creator

After his brother is stabbed to death, a troubled man raised on violence carves a surprising new life using the last gift his sibling ever gave him—a shiny pocket knife.


Life in the Hole, Part I: The Catalyst

Venture deep into the shadows between Brooklyn and Queens where anything goes, and meet a man named Bam who's seen, and done, almost everything.