Angelina Chapin

Angelina Chapin is an editor at The Huffington Post.

Stories By Angelina Chapin

One Entrepreneur’s Battle to Bring Beer to Sober Island

Rebecca Atkinson hatched an ambitious plan to launch the first brewery on this aptly named Nova Scotian isle. Instead, her oyster-brewed stout ignited a turf war with a longtime oyster farmer.

This Long Island Drag Queen Was North America’s Top Tupperware Seller—Until She Came Out as Trans

Suburban housewives loved the wig-and-heels shtick. But when the Queen of Tupperware declared it was much more than an act, her loyal legions started to defect.

Secret Life of a Medieval Fight Club Warrior

Meet a Wall Street consultant who dons a suit of armor for the most badass battles this side of Westeros.

Who You Calling Chicken Legs Now?

This scrawny teen became a weightlifting obsessive, doubling his size and winning YouTube fame—but once you get sucked in, “big enough” is always a tad too small.