Anna Haifisch

Anna Haifisch was born in 1986 in Leipzig, Germany and draws comics, posters and animations.

Stories By Anna Haifisch

Losing Our Memory and Finding Each Other

A battle with Lyme Disease decimated my memory right as Alzheimer’s did the same to my grandfather—but surrendering our thoughts brought us closer together than ever.

The Original San Francisco Eccentric

A nineteenth century gold rusher built a fortune, lost it all, then declared himself Emperor of the United States — and got all of San Francisco to play along.

Looking For Love In Gut-Bomb City

In the land of never-ending po’ boys, goopy gumbo and high-octane cocktails, a woman with irritable bowel syndrome searches for a soul mate—and the closest possible toilet.

Have You Heard the One About the Sober Stand-Up?

In a profession where getting drunk and out of control is the accepted nightly routine, five comics share their stories of struggling to stay off the sauce.