Arvind Dilawar

Arvind Dilawar is a writer/editor/anarchist from Jackson Heights, Queens, who now lives in Bushwick, Brooklyn. His work has appeared in Newsweek, The Guardian, Vice and elsewhere.

Stories By Arvind Dilawar

The Man Who Vowed to Make New Amsterdam Great Again

In the last days of Dutch control over Manhattan, a demagogic dictator seized the city, promising to keep unwanted foreigners at bay. The first step? Build a wall.

Young, Dumb and Blacked Out

Stories of blackouts and swimming where you shouldn't.

What Books and Their Covers Have in Common With New York City Public Schools

Don't just a book by its cover, or a public school by its cocaine.

That One Time a Kid Almost Bled Out in my Arms

At times life seems to come sneaking up on you in the darkness of the night.

A Subway Runaway

I ran away on the same tracks that brought me home.

Barking at Strangers

Hitting the streets with a comic who just wants to get on stage.