Brad Horrigan

Brad Horrigan is a photojournalist and multimedia storyteller based in Queens.

Stories By Brad Horrigan

A Male Model’s Journey to the Edge and Back

How a pimply Canadian farmboy rose to conquer the runways of Paris and Milan, then fell into a downward spiral of days-long drug trips, perpetual partying and a very public breakdown.

The Queen of Street Cats

New York City has more than a million feral felines. One Queens resident has a humane—and controversial—plan to save them all.

Is It Something in the Water?

Countless New Yorkers insist the secret to perfect pizza and beautiful bagels lies in our H20. Others say it’s simply technique. One ex-Brooklynite seeks a definitive answer.

The 300 Flavors in Jon Snyder’s Mind

He founded and sold gelato giant Ciao Bella. But nothing could keep him from getting back in the kitchen and dreaming with ice cream.

Reverend Jen and Her Den of Four Hundred Trolls

Troll dolls may have had their moment in the ’90s, but for one eccentric Lower East Side artist, the figurine fad will never die.

Rebirth of the Cosmos

After three decades of management battles and false starts, a storied New York sports franchise prepares to finally step back onto the soccer field.

The Ivy League of Seeing Eye Dog Schools

As a blind woman in Queens seeks the perfect canine companion, an elite training school prepares pups for the toughest assignment they’ll ever receive: life in NYC.

Praying for Keeps

As Manhattan’s Greek Jewish population dwindles, a sliver of a synagogue on the Lower East Side remains a spiritual home for a diverse Diaspora.

Please Touch the Art

Grasping the beauty of the Museum of Modern Art's collection on a tactile tour for the blind.