Brendan Spiegel

Brendan Spiegel is the Editorial Director and Co-Founder of Narratively. His work has appeared in the New York Times, the Washington Post, Wired, New York magazine, the Village Voice and many other publications.

Stories By Brendan Spiegel

Revolución en la fábrica de alfajores

El nuevo dueño de la golosina nacional argentina le dejó de pagar a sus trabajadores, en su mayoría mujeres. Entonces, decidieron tomar el control de toda la operación.


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A Trip to See Her Ailing Sister. The First Visit With His Mom in Years. With a Stroke of Trump’s Pen, All Canceled.

Hundreds of thousands of Iranian citizens who live and work in the U.S. just had their world turned upside down. We talked to several about life under “The Muslim Ban.”

The Donald Trump of the 1840s

A tide of anti-immigrant rage among working-class voters. Warnings that the America we know is on the verge of extinction. One leader rides the wave of anger. Sound familiar?

The Photographer at the Top of the World

When a Danish special forces operative was stationed in remote Greenland, he found his calling: getting up-close and personal with the rarified creatures on the edge of the Earth.

Learning to Love (And Live With) a Pet Person

What happens when you ask the love of your life when their pets might die?

A Taste of Communist Chocolate

Sometimes all you need is just a little bit of ice cream...even in Cuba.

Tagging the Battlefield

In the war camps of Kandahar, antsy young soldiers turn security barriers into street art. The command culture calls it vandalism, but one senior Army vet sees poetry.


Kidnapped in Syria