Brent Crane

Brent Crane is a freelance journalist based in New York.

Stories By Brent Crane

White Settlers Wiped Thousands of Miles of Cherokee Trails Off the Map. This Man is Reclaiming Them — By Walking Each and Every One.

These routes once snaked through the towering woods of Appalachia, before they were lost to history. Lamar Marshall has spent a decade painstakingly mapping them, and their rich history.

The Quiet Teahouse Owner Who Secretly Undermined Myanmar’s Dictatorship

The soft-spoken restaurateur served a killer bowl of noodles, but his clandestine activism against decades of military rule is the real reason his legacy will live on.

The Fearless Eco-Vigilante of Cambodia’s Troubled Waters

The government can’t—or won’t—stop the illegal fishing devastating Kep Bay’s marine ecosystem, so one unstoppable British expat risks life and limb to do it himself.