Camily Tsai

Camily Tsai is an illustrator and designer currently based in Los Angeles. Follow her work on her website at and see her latest explorations on Instagram @camilymart.

Stories By Camily Tsai

Secret Life of a Children’s Party Princess

I thought a summer job at the Princess Academy would be a carefree escape. But I learned some hard lessons about real life while playing make-believe.

Scott McLeod Missed His Chance to Go to the Moon…But Landed the Love of His Life

As a young test pilot for the Apollo missions, he had one dream. It never took off — at least not the way he'd planned.

What Happens When You’re Bulimic, But Not Thin Enough for Anyone to Notice?

Millions of people who need treatment for eating disorders go undiagnosed. One young woman’s infuriating story should serve as a wake-up call for the medical community.

The Most Offensive Thing My Therapist Ever Said to Me

I still can’t believe he thought those words were okay. But it did help me move on…from my shrink.