Colleen Mondor

Colleen Mondor is the author of “The Map of My Dead Pilots: The Dangerous Game of Flying in Alaska.” She is currently at work on a book about the 1932 Mt. McKinley Cosmic Ray Expedition and writes about researching exploration and aviation history on

Stories By Colleen Mondor

Flying Dead Bodies Across the Land of the Midnight Sun

When there’s a murder or mysterious death in remote areas of Alaska, corpses are flown in to the state morgue. This is what it’s like to run that airborne operation.

The Missing Pilot and the Crash That Rocked Alaska’s Golden Age of Aviation

A love for flying lured daredevils to the icy Last Frontier. But when Russ Merrill’s plane went down, it ignited a 10,000-mile search and changed the world of aviation forever.