Crystal Ponti

Crystal Ponti is a freelance writer and an award-winning blogger from Downeast Maine. Her lifelong quest has been to figure out why the cheese stands alone. When she's not accidentally sassing a well-known celebrity (sorry, Sean Penn), you'll find her digitally devouring the latest indie novel, drinking maple syrup from the bottle, and playing slap jack with her kids. She lets them win. You can connect with her on LinkedIn.

Stories By Crystal Ponti

The Flying Santas Who Airdrop Christmas Cheer to America’s Lighthouse Keepers

When a 1920s aviation pioneer launched a thank-you project for the families that keep coastal ships safe, he propelled a tradition that’s lasted longer than he ever imagined.

Step Inside Madam Jones’ Bawdy Blue House of 19th-Century Pleasure

When Maine became the first state to pass Prohibition in 1851, supporters dreamed of a pine-strewn moral haven. One freethinking former seamstress had other ideas.

The Former Slave Who Became an Executioner

Louis Congo bargained for freedom in 1725. The tradeoff? He became the punisher, doling out brutal whippings, brandings and even hangings to his own people.

This Trailblazing Feminist Was the First Woman in the New World to Demand Her Right to Vote

In Margaret Brent’s day, women were supposed to be seen and not heard. That didn’t stop her from taking on the system.