D.C. Benny

D.C. Benny is a Brooklyn based comedian. He co-hosts a story-telling podcast called "Tall But True" with Ben Bailey of "Cash Cab," and performs nightly at various New York comedy clubs.

Stories By D.C. Benny

That Time I Had to Do Stand-Up on a Cruise Ship After a Passenger Went Overboard

Halfway through my gig on an ocean liner, a guest mysteriously disappeared — and I had to keep everyone laughing.

That Christmas When Mom Called Dad a Miserable Jew and He Called Her a Nazi Pig

Sometimes my Polish-Jewish father and German-Catholic mother seemed like they really loved each other. But when the holidays came around, it was World War III.

The White-Boy Comic Who Crushed the ‘Chitlin Circuit’

In the early ’90s I hustled my way through New York’s cutthroat black stand-up scene — and learned the hard way that corny jokes were no laughing matter.

Have You Heard the One About the Jewish Comedian in China?

For the past 28 years I’ve built a stand-up routine based largely on my New York neuroses, and scheduled around my personal phobia of leaving the five boroughs. When I booked a weeklong gig on the other side of the planet I had no idea what to...