Daiana Valencia

Daiana Valencia is an independent documentary photographer and visual storyteller based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Focused on long term projects about social movements in Latin America between the 60's ́y the 80's on socio-cultural issues, identity, migration and gender. Collectively, she is part of RuedaPhotos, where she deals with issues of gender violence/Femicide. She is part of Native Agency and part of the platforms WomanPhotograph, DiversifyPhoto and FotoFéminas.

Stories By Daiana Valencia

Revolución en la fábrica de alfajores

El nuevo dueño de la golosina nacional argentina le dejó de pagar a sus trabajadores, en su mayoría mujeres. Entonces, decidieron tomar el control de toda la operación.

Revolución on the Cookie Factory Floor

The new owner of Argentina’s de facto national treat stopped paying his majority-female workforce — so they seized control of the entire operation.