Daniel E. Slotnik

Daniel E. Slotnik is a contributing editor for Narratively. He has worked at The New York Times since 2005, has written for several Times sections and blogs and is a frequent contributor to the obituaries department.

Stories By Daniel E. Slotnik

The Gray Shorts of Shame

A pair of old Adidas shorts and swinging keys make this author the center of attention on his Memorial Day weekend run.

My Tripolar Adoptive Kitten

Neither puncture wounds, an angry wife or projectile vomit will stop me from protecting my Poe.

A Kiss on The Cheek

I ignorantly skipped over a dozen of steps in thai dating tradition.

Under Wraps

Bored with baseball cards and baubles, Jason Liebig turned to collecting vintage candy wrappers—and his Astoria apartment now houses some 10,000 of them.

Patient Zero

Welcome to the tunnels under New York where snot, spit, screams and sneezes are shared with strangers.

To Cleveland, With Love

On the road and in the skies before dawn, with Manhattan's most ambitious reverse commuter.