Dena Levitz

Dena Levitz is a New York-based journalist and events producer. She spent the past four years living in Dublin, Ireland, working as a speaker director for Web Summit, and her writing has appeared in the Washington Post, CityLab, Bloomberg and Eater.

Stories By Dena Levitz

The Donkey Farmer’s Magical Matchmaking Book

In the era of online dating, one septuagenarian Irishman clings tight to a method passed down through the generations—and thousands of happy couples are luckier for it.

I Am Rocky Balboa

How a boy named Mike Kunda grew up to become the ultimate Italian Stallion.

Uncommon Ground

An Ethiopian immigrant reaches out to Washington, D.C., with the sweet-scented incense and hand-roasted beans of one of the world's oldest coffee ceremonies.

One-Man Band

From mallet-kat to balaphone, an industrious Washingtonian makes a living by mastering instruments most of us can hardly pronounce.