Devyn Park

Devyn Park is an illustrator living in Bellingham, WA. When she’s not illustrating you’ll usually find her at the nearest comic book shop or arcade.

Stories By Devyn Park

What I Learned While Exposing Myself on LiveJournal

Long before Snapchat sexting scandals and hacked celebrity smartphones, I got a live preview of online harassment while sharing naked photos of myself on one weird little corner of the World Wide Web.

How to Sneak Onto Trains and Dodge Trucks While Untangling a Love Triangle

I chased my ex-boyfriend across Europe, my best girlfriend chased me, and we all fell frantically in and out of love.

One Extremely Wet, Incredibly Hot American Summer

I was a 24-year-old theater teacher at a Jewish summer camp. She was a beautiful 17-year-old junior counselor. My only camp friend was losing his mind. Let’s just say it was a summer I’ll never forget.