Ellen Lindner

Ellen Lindner is a New York City based cartoonist and illustrator. Her new graphic novel, a mystery entitled The Black Feather Falls, appears on

Stories By Ellen Lindner

Born on St. Patrick’s Day

When you’re born on March 17, people love to pair your birthday with drinking and debauchery. But when you grow up accompanying your parents to AA meetings, it’s all a little less charming.

The Amazing Aviatrix of Wartime Casablanca

A daring teenage girl defies authority to become Morocco’s first female pilot and the hero of a young nation—then the victim of an assassination still shrouded in mystery.

Confessions of an Unhappy Young Mom

After years of battling infertility, a new mother gets her greatest wish times two—but quickly learns that life with twin babies is nothing to go gaga over.

Taiwan’s Incredible Edible Revolution

In a country where tainted food scandals are all-too-common and the government turns a blind eye, a band of hardy housewives resolves to feed their families on their own terms.

The Dapper Doctor’s Vaporized Sushi and Clouds of Cognac

Breaking down the walls between art and science, a trans-Atlantic Ph.D. is whimsically challenging the way we think about eating and imbibing.