Emon Hassan

Emon Hassan is a New York-based filmmaker and photographer. He is the founder of the music website Guitarkadia and a regular contributor to The New York Times.

Stories By Emon Hassan

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The Little Prince With a Bronx Twang

Seventy years after an enigmatic French author and aviator disappeared over the Mediterranean Sea, one New Yorker is obsessively determined to keep Antoine de Saint-Exupéry alive.


All Quiet on the Seventh Floor

A New York poet in search of solitude finds her secret sanctuary nestled deep inside the campus of Columbia University.


How to Draw a Human Heart

An introspective artist teaches med students and faculty to put down their scalpels and discover beauty in boxes of bones and body parts.


The Imaginarium of Black Cinema

From an unassuming office building in Harlem, inside one man's mission to preserve Dorothy Dandridge's dispatches and other iconic heirlooms of African-American film.

The Nuyorican Revolution

For half a century, spoken-word savants have seized their roots and given a voice to the Puerto Ricans of New York.

Old New York’s Walking, Talking Encyclopedia

A nonstop gabber from the Lower East Side finds bliss in sharing his seventy-two years of NYC wisdom with anyone willing to tag along.

Can’t Stop La Musica

Generations of Nuyoricans—Puerto Rican New Yorkers—have found familia in a little house on an overgrown patch of the South Bronx.

Live from the Bronx

Beyond the crime-filled news reports, one local television station and its always-animated director are determined to show the world the Bronx they know and love.