Emon Hassan

Emon Hassan is a New York-based filmmaker and photographer. He is the founder of the music website Guitarkadia and a regular contributor to The New York Times.

Stories By Emon Hassan


The Harlem Grandmaster and His Ten Thousand Karate Kids

For nearly half a century, Sam McGee has offered generations of Harlem residents free martial arts training, and the confidence to fight without fists.

The Fifth Grade Phenom

The Bronx-based Valdez family hustles to keep up with their son’s mad dash from Little League legend to Major League dreamer.

The Negro Leagues’ Forgotten Cathedral

As a once-great stadium rots among the urban decay of Paterson, New Jersey, one dedicated fan seeks to restore its former glory.


The Shaman of Passaic

Behind a tiny North Jersey storefront selling curative herbs and tarot readings, a mystical Mexican healer fights to keep his endangered language alive.

A Perishable Business

Five decades after Lower Manhattan’s produce market was relocated to the Bronx to make room for the new World Trade Center, the fate of Hunts Point’s family-owned operations...


The Marionette Maestro

A renowned puppeteer and his tiny Brooklyn company stage their quadrennial revival of Aladdin—using spit, glue, and the same painstakingly-restored marionettes they have for the...

The Dame of Dictionaries

A woman turns her passion for words into one of the world’s preeminent dictionary collections, filling her West Village home to the bursting point with some 20,000 titles.

Disco Mike’s Surfer Stomp

Whether waacking, shuffling, jiving or jeet koon-ing, when fifty-six-year-old Michael Park starts moving, the dance floor clears and he takes center stage.

The BMX Boys of E.T.

The untold story of the bike broker and the fearless riders behind the Spielberg blockbuster and its legendary chase scene.