Eros Dervishi

Eros Dervishi is an Albanian illustrator living in New York. He currently spends his time reading, trying to learn how to cook, and being sentient.

Stories By Eros Dervishi

A Racist Runs Through It

As the government-fighting Bundy brothers stand trial this month, supporters are quick to separate their anti-public lands crusade from their racist tirades. But a historical review finds that in the Wild West, privatization and hatred have always...

How Uncle Billy Saved My Family—By Going to the Slammer

He was an addict, a thief and a perpetual prisoner. He was also my hero.

The Luckiest Unlucky Woman in Wartime Sarajevo

After years of wartime horror and uncanny escapes, Dijana Voljevica dreamed of bringing her incredible journey to Hollywood. A seizure claimed her life before she had a chance.