Felix Lill

Felix Lill is a German freelance journalist who divides his life mainly between Berlin and Tokyo, he writes a for Die Zeit, Die Presse, Der Spiegel, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Taggespiegel, Zeit Online and others. He was awarded the Austrian Sports Journalism Award in 2010, 2011 and 2012.

Stories By Felix Lill

Meet the Lionel Messi of Blind Fútbol

Silvio Velo was born without sight, but that didn’t stop this gifted Argentinian athlete from becoming an absolute legend.

How One Bolivian Hospital Is Battling Maternal Mortality—By Reaching Back Thousands of Years

Indigenous women around the world are torn between embracing modern approaches to childbirth and preserving age-old traditions. This surprisingly simple solution could save millions of moms.

22,000 Days Without Drinking Water

Bolivia’s populist president has vowed to lift the fortunes of the rural poor. But high on the Andean plateau, one remote community still has no access to clean water—and one man has the awesome responsibility of ensuring his people are not...

The Kids the Americans Left Behind

Decades after they left the Philippines, shadows of the U.S. military loom over the misfit “Amerasian” offspring of long-departed servicemen and forgotten prostitutes.