George Mager

George Mager is an artist from Russia. He has been drawing since the age of three, and after studying to be an animation director, he dropped out of university and now lives with his girlfriend, mom and two cats, Leelo and Cookie Monster.

Stories By George Mager

No Man In My Family Has Ever Dared Shave His Beard. Until Now.

I lived 26 years before I ever altered my religiously mandated facial hair. But I couldn’t stand the barrier it created between the modern world and me.

How 26 Elvises Taught Me to ‘Follow That Dream’

Just when I was ready to call it quits, a flock of tribute artists dressed as The King inspired me to give it my all, no matter what.

A Modern Family Goes on Vacation, and Leaves Their Clothes Behind

I had the tricky task of planning a New Year’s trip with my lesbian partner, my nine-year-old son, and his father. Who would have guessed a nudist retreat was the perfect fit?

Hitchhike or Bust

An English newcomer arrives in the U.S. with a spirit of adventure and an offbeat mission: to thumb a series of rides from San Francisco to Portland in a single day.