Holly Lynn Ellis

Holly Lynn Ellis is a producer of the narrative feature films “Turtle Hill, Brooklyn,” the Sundance selection “Prairie Love,” and “Adam Bloom.”

Stories By Holly Lynn Ellis


‘Bill Gates Congo Man’ and his Crafty Crew of Preteen Gangsters

Meet three street kids growing up in war-ravaged Eastern Congo who survive on petty hustling, an unconventional sense of brotherhood, and no shortage of charm.

Teacher’s Pet Goes Astray

A high school drama student loves nothing more than basking in the glory of her favorite teacher, until an early encounter with email delivers disastrous results.

Behind the Story: Friday Night Magic

An intimate Q&A session on the dating life for hardcore Magic: The Gathering gurus.


Friday Night Magic

Twenty years after a complex card game first captivated millions of devotees, I.T. guys, attorneys and longshoreman alike gather every weekend for battles of epic proportion.