Jaime Jacques

Jaime Jacques is an itinerant writer who currently splits her time between Latin America and Canada. She has lived and worked in too many places to list here. Suffice it to say, she gets around. Jaime is the author of Moon El Salvador.

Stories By Jaime Jacques

He Lost Everything Trying to Reach the U.S. – and Still Has 1,000 Miles to Go

We’ve heard the horror stories of crossing the border from Mexico. But one migrant’s time dodging gangsters and riding atop freight trains reveals the perilous journey thousands take just to make it through Mexico.

They Were Brought to the U.S. as Kids—Then Sent Back to a Country They Barely Know

As Trump’s wall threatens to become a reality, four Mexicans deported under Obama watch their hopes of returning slip away.

I Was Heartbroken to See a Modern-Day Metropolis Instead of the Idyllic Goa I Remembered

…But then I discovered a beautiful pocket of my childhood India that had survived.