Janny Ji

Janny Ji is a recent graduate from Rhode Island School of Design. Now she works as a New York based illustrator and graphic designer. Janny loves plants, animals and kids. She enjoys creating works that bring happiness to people. She is always open to fun and exciting projects.

Stories By Janny Ji

Luxury Cruising in the Wake of Refugees

At home in the States I help displaced immigrants start anew. But it took a Mediterranean sojourn through the very waters where thousands risk their lives before I realized just...

Going Back to a Home I Never Knew

Thirty-three years ago, my mother fled Hong Kong for the opportunity of a lifetime in the West. When I made the reverse move, we both learned more than we ever expected to about...

The Super Bowl of Elementary School Chess

Two thousand high-achieving students. Hordes of proud parents, anxious coaches, and one scrappy underdog team from Harlem. Screaming. Crying. Chess.