Jared Boggess

Jared Boggess lives and works in the countryside just outside Richmond, Virginia finding inspiration in his wife, two kids and the Civil War memorial battlefields that surround him. He chases themes about the beauty amidst the struggles of life and has worked with the likes of Scientific American, Smithsonian Magazine and Simon & Schuster.

Stories By Jared Boggess

She Caught Bullets with Her Bare Hands — and Made Magic’s Glass Ceiling Disappear

When her husband died and left her penniless, audacious Adelaide Hermann transformed from lowly assistant to “the Queen of Magic.”

The Quiet Teahouse Owner Who Secretly Undermined Myanmar’s Dictatorship

The soft-spoken restaurateur served a killer bowl of noodles, but his clandestine activism against decades of military rule is the real reason his legacy will live on.

The Man Who Vowed to Make New Amsterdam Great Again

In the last days of Dutch control over Manhattan, a demagogic dictator seized the city, promising to keep unwanted foreigners at bay. The first step? Build a wall.