John McDermott

John McDermott is a staff writer for MEL.

Stories By John McDermott

These Liberals are Pumping Iron So They Can Be Strong Enough to Fight Fascists

Some leftists got sad after the election. Others got angry. These guys got jacked.

I Was an Angry Men’s Rights Activist. Now I’m a Fierce Feminist.

As a frustrated white male, I used to think men were losing their place in society and women were to blame. What the hell was I thinking?

Meet the World’s Greatest Batting Stance Imitator

Gar Ryness has spent his whole life perfecting spot-on impressions of the way baseball players stand. But can he turn “the least marketable skill in America” into an actual career?

Single, Gay and Ready for Fatherhood

Unwed men are statistically less likely to adopt than almost anyone else, but a rapidly rising number of them are taking the parental leap—no spouse necessary.