Kaitlin Barker Davis

Kaitlin Barker Davis is a travel addict and freelance writer and editor. Before her current job in development at a refugee assistance agency, she worked with the Women PeaceMakers Program at the University of San Diego, where she wrote the life story of a human rights activist from Pakistan. She has an MFA in Creative Nonfiction from Seattle Pacific University.

Stories By Kaitlin Barker Davis

Luxury Cruising in the Wake of Refugees

At home in the States I help displaced immigrants start anew. But it took a Mediterranean sojourn through the very waters where thousands risk their lives before I realized just...

Fear the Volcano, Conquer the Climb

After quitting our jobs and heading to the other side of the world, our only plans were lying in the perfect white sand and soaking up paradise. But six thousand feet up, the...