Keena Roberts

Keena Roberts works in global public health, writing about infectious diseases and analyzing countries’ responses to them. She grew up in a tent in her primatologist parents’ research camp in the Okavango Delta in Botswana, a childhood she wrote about in her upcoming memoir Wild Life (Grand Central, November 12, 2019). Her follow-up book is an epic fantasy with baboon protagonists, also based in the Okavango Delta: essentially Watership Down but with monkeys (she is also working on a very silly and very queer YA full of swords and love triangles). She lives outside of New York, in the mountains, with her wife and daughter and a variety of pets.

Stories By Keena Roberts

How Living With Baboons Prepared Me for Living Through High School

The world of mean girls and cliques was a startling change from working alongside my primatologist parents. Fortunately, I’d learned a bit about navigating vicious social structures.