Kenny Wroten

Kenny Wroten is a freelance illustrator and comics artist. They are a Kansas City native living in Brooklyn.

Stories By Kenny Wroten

Welcome to America’s Most Elite Girls Boarding School. Let the Hazing Begin.

I was a wide-eyed scholarship kid among daughters of the rich and famous. I expected academic rigor and supportive sisterhood—not humiliating midnight raids. But the most shocking thing to everyone else was when I stood up for myself.

I Faked Epilepsy as a Child to Get Attention

I thought I was just a liar, but years later a therapist explained a deeper reason for what I'd done.

I Wrote Erotica Before I Ever Had Sex

My detailed fantasy life began with explicit X-Files fan fiction in junior high. It took a long time for real-life sex to catch up.

These Gender-Nonconforming People Are Building a Safe Haven on an Appalachian Farm

Growing their own food and winning over their neighbors, they feel safer in rural West Virginia than they ever did in the big city.

Secret Life of a Devout Christian Dominatrix

On Saturday night I don latex and beat men with paddles. On Sunday morning I go to Church. Are these two forms of devotion really so different?

Confessions of a Failed Timeshare Saleswoman

When my husband and I moved to Mexico I thought hawking timeshares would be an easy way to make money...but I wasn’t a good enough liar.