Kenneth R. Rosen

Kenneth R. Rosen writes and works for the New York Times.

Stories By Kenneth R. Rosen

She Had an Abortion Without Telling Me. Is That Ok?

I never thought I would care. And then, suddenly, I did.

The Night My Parents Had Me Kidnapped

Two strangers dragged me from bed in the middle of the night and drove me into the woods. But this wasn’t a random abduction—just my ticket to a boot camp for troubled teens.

How to Befriend a Mugger

A nerve-wracking standoff between two drunk college kids and a goon with a gun leads to an unexpected meeting of the minds.

We Are Not Inbred

Deep in the rural heart of Georgia, an ostracized community fights back against folklore and ridicule—if only the outside world would listen.

Attack of the Superhackers

A group of ex-soldiers cracks safes, picks locks and steals data — all in the name of corporate security.

Drunken Expectations

Old friends and old fashions. A story of drunken disappointment.

The Pedal Pusher

Meet the actor/caregiver/gymnastics instructor whose carefree evening pastime involves delivering drugs by bike.

Two Truths and a Mountain of Lies

A young journalist reconnects with a beloved storyteller from his childhood, only to discover a fine, artistic line between fact and fiction.


Looking New York City’s Growing Homeless Population in the Eye