Lynn Scurfield

Lynn Scurfield is a dog owner and freelance illustrator living just outside of Toronto, Canada. She enjoys terrible TLC shows, Chinese food and having shouting matches with her dogs.

Stories By Lynn Scurfield

Twitter Trolls Outed My Porn Star Past. So I Embraced It.

I'd spent years running from my time as “Wendy James” and building a new life as a lawyer. But the truth is she'd been with me all along.

What Does a Therapist Do When She Has Turmoil of Her Own?

The fine art of patiently digesting the traumas and trials of others, when my brain has become a morbid minefield of abandonment and loss.

Could I Ever Abandon My Disabled Son?

A newspaper article about a woman who left her quadriplegic son in the woods horrified me…and also had me wondering where my own limits lie.

That Time I Tried to Murder My Dog

My misguided attempt to give my ailing dachshund a noble death turned into a complete disaster—and a lesson in letting go.