Marc Pearson

Marc Pearson is a cartoonist from Melbourne, Australia. He is currently running a one-cat hotel.

Stories By Marc Pearson

The Missing Pilot and the Crash That Rocked Alaska’s Golden Age of Aviation

A love for flying lured daredevils to the icy Last Frontier. But when Russ Merrill’s plane went down, it ignited a 10,000-mile search and changed the world of aviation forever.

Secret Life of a Rock and Roll Trucker

Before every epic set from the Rolling Stones or Rihanna, dozens of backstage heroes haul tons of gear across hundreds of miles so their stars can shine.

The Dead Cat on My Doorstep

When a young urbanite returns home to an unsettling sight, confusion and horror give way to a complex quest to help an unfortunate creature rest in peace.

The Ice Cream Man in the Summer of Sam

In New York’s sultry summer of ’77, a whiskey-swilling old man befriends three latchkey kids with cartons of ice cream and haunting stories they’ll never forget.

The Man at the End of the Line

One brave man with a sign stands between a seamless checkout experience and edible Armageddon at a frenzied outpost of Trader Joe’s.