Marco Gallo

Marco Gallo is a New York City based Art & Advertising student, an illustrator, and a former design intern with Narratively.

Stories By Marco Gallo

A Desperate Domestic Breaks Free

Trapped in an abusive situation while working for an illegal wage, a Filipina housekeeper makes a daring escape—followed by a desperate quest to reunite with her children.

How Not to Smuggle Weed-Killer Into Canada

When carcinogenic lawn sprays were outlawed in Ontario, my father’s lawn obsession had me dallying in cross-border smuggling—and confronting my lifelong anxiety.

The Daredevil Evangelist Who Fell From the Heavens

A self-taught escape artist from small-town Wisconsin delivers death-defying skydives that double as warnings against humanity’s cavalier path toward hell.

From the Battlefield to Tom Colicchio’s Kitchen

Instead of ‘Top Chef’-style glamor during my summer stint at Colicchio & Son’s, I found an Iraq War vet who survived six explosions before flourishing on the chopping block.

A Male Model’s Journey to the Edge and Back

How a pimply Canadian farmboy rose to conquer the runways of Paris and Milan, then fell into a downward spiral of days-long drug trips, perpetual partying and a very public breakdown.