Maria Smilios

Maria Smilios is a writer living in Astoria, Queens.

Stories By Maria Smilios

The Ice Cream Man in the Summer of Sam

In New York’s sultry summer of ’77, a whiskey-swilling old man befriends three latchkey kids with cartons of ice cream and haunting stories they’ll never forget.

Journeys of a Psychic Army Spy

Trained by the U.S. military in the art of mentalist warfare, a clandestine intelligence agent travels the world and unlocks state secrets, all without leaving his desk chair.

Master of the Macabre

A self-taught special effects guru, A.S. Hamilton has crafted everything from severed heads to exploded organs with chilling perfection. But his greatest big-screen challenge was bringing one of human history’s most gruesome chapters back to life.

Dear Dusty Old Bookstore

Manhattan was once a wonderland for lovers of literature.  What happened?

Den of the Dominatrix

A former Catholic schoolgirl from the South finds her calling in the big city, fulfilling one fetishistic fantasy after another.