Marianna Madriz

Marianna Madriz is a UK-based Illustrator originally from Venezuela. She fights the freelance world by day and watches random obscure films by night.

Stories By Marianna Madriz

I Was Paralyzed with Irrational Postpartum Paranoia. Then the Terrorists Came.

When I finally convinced myself it was safe to bring my new baby outside, we found ourselves blocks away from the biggest attack France has seen since World War II.

Overcoming Post-Natal Depression—On Horseback in Kazakhstan

A terrifying experience with my sick newborn sent me into a downward spiral of nightmares, depression and self-harm. It took a 24-day trip through a remote region of Central Asia...

The Clandestine Adventures of Alice in Saudi Land

At a discreet all-female book club in a shadowy Saudi café, women subtly push for societal change—with a little help from an imaginative heroine who turns 150 this year.

Miss New Jersey Takes on Campus Assault

Rutgers student Cierra Kaler-Jones never thought she’d talk about the sexual attack she endured her freshman year—least of all in the middle of the Miss America pageant.