Marianna Madriz

Marianna Madriz is a UK-based Illustrator originally from Venezuela. She fights the freelance world by day and watches random obscure films by night.

Stories By Marianna Madriz

I Was Paralyzed with Irrational Postpartum Paranoia. Then the Terrorists Came.

When I finally convinced myself it was safe to bring my new baby outside, we found ourselves blocks away from the biggest attack France has seen since World War II.

Overcoming Postpartum Depression—On Horseback in Kazakhstan

A terrifying experience with my sick newborn sent me into a downward spiral of nightmares, depression and self-harm. It took a 24-day trip through a remote region of Central Asia to find myself again.

The Clandestine Adventures of Alice in Saudi Land

At a discreet all-female book club in a shadowy Saudi café, women subtly push for societal change—with a little help from an imaginative heroine who turns 150 this year.

Miss New Jersey Takes on Campus Assault

Rutgers student Cierra Kaler-Jones never thought she’d talk about the sexual attack she endured her freshman year—least of all in the middle of the Miss America pageant.