Marieke van der Velden

Marieke van der Velden is a photographer based in Amsterdam, but her workspace is the world. Organizations and NGOs have sent her abroad many times to photograph their projects and campaigns, mostly in Africa and the Middle East. Her work includes portrait series, landscape series and photo essays in which both come together.

Stories By Marieke van der Velden

Love and Laughter in the Time of ISIS

The Brotherly Barbers of Baghdad

Saleh and Thamir cut hair side by side for thirty years, through war with Iran and America, and endless sectarian strife. But in today’s Iraq, it’s every man for himself.

A Cruel Education for Baghdad’s Toughest Teacher

One steadfast school director defied the conventions of Saddam’s iron-fisted rule to create an artistic haven for children—but faced her toughest test after the dictator’s...

Baghdad’s Biggest Loser

After surviving a car bombing and a freakish workplace injury, a twenty-something Iraqi resolves to lose over 300 pounds while dreaming of a life without war.

The Lonely Psychiatrist of Sadr City

In a deadly corner of Baghdad, nearly every resident has witnessed the horrors of war. One dedicated doctor risks his life—and his own sanity—to help those who need it most.