Marjorie Hernandez

Marjorie Hernandez is a staff reporter for the Ventura County Star who covers breaking news, courts and entertainment.

Stories By Marjorie Hernandez

The Discreet Charms of L.A.’s Discount Wonderland

Others may swoon for the boutiques of Beverly Hills, but for my father and me, the faux Rolexes, knockoff Chanels and wholesale cologne of Santee Alley are the pinnacle of panache.

The Sax Man Who Took the Hollywood Bowl Tunnel

Steps from the most celebrated music venue in Los Angeles, a humble jazz journeyman has made a darkened underpass his stage for the past thirty-one years.

The Chocolatier for the Hip-Hop Ear

A soul-searching Los Angeleno finds religion in the rhythm of hip-hop and seeks to spread the faith, one sweet boom-box-shaped bite at a time.