Maura Ewing

Maura Ewing is a Philadelphia-based journalist whose work seeks to uncover important but obfuscated stories about urban poverty and criminal justice. She's written for The Marshall Project, Mother Jones, Businessweek, Pacific Standard Magazine, The Nation, The Atlantic, The Trace, BuzzFeed News, Al Jazeera America, Public Radio International, Salon, and other publications.

Stories By Maura Ewing

The Prison Where Inmates Help Each Other Die With Dignity

More Americans are dying behind bars than ever before. At one correctional facility, volunteer death-doulas offer care and comfort to their fellow prisoners.

The Sunday Morning Pigeon Men

Meet the guys who go out of their way to provide for a certain city animal that many view as nothing more than a pest.

The Ins and The Outs

Along one of New York's most rapidly changing boulevards, a look below the surface exposes what—and who—is really driving gentrification in Crown Heights.