MEL Films

MEL Films produces a mighty assortment of original short documentary films.

Stories By MEL Films


What Do You Give a Country for Its 100th Birthday? How About an Entire Mountain?

Neighborly Norwegians hatched a plan for Finland’s 2017 centennial: gift them their country’s new highest peak. But is their quirky plan an insurmountable climb?


The Man Who’s Building Homes From Plastic Bottles

In only a few decades there will be more pieces of plastic in the sea than fish. Robert Bezeau made it his mission to do something good with all that trash.


The Most Hardcore ‘Macbeth’ to Ever Grace a Stage

Every year, half a million brawny bikers descend on one small South Dakota town. This is the first time they hopped off their Harleys to recite Shakespeare.


Fighting South Korea’s Suicide Crisis With Fake Funerals

In Seoul, everyone from corporations to cafes is working to lower the world’s highest suicide rate.


I Used to Terrorize This Neighborhood. Can I Give You a Tour?

After years of robbing people on the streets of Panama City, these former gangsters have learned there’s more than one way to shake down a tourist.


Riding Shotgun with a Real-Life Mad Max

Deep in the California desert, at a post-apocalyptic gathering where anything goes.


This Woman Watches an Ungodly Amount of Porn…Because It’s Her Job

From the comfort of coffee shops in Eastern Europe, one web-savvy woman earns her paycheck protecting pornographers from copyright infringement.

Secret Life of a Medieval Fight Club Warrior

Meet a Wall Street consultant who dons a suit of armor for the most badass battles this side of Westeros.