Melissa Mendes

Melissa Mendes is a cartoonist, illustrator, and the former Illustrations Editor at Narratively. She lives and works in Hancock, Massachusetts.

Stories By Melissa Mendes


All I Want for Christmas is a Piece of the Berlin Wall

Life and Death on the Oregon Trail

When a perennially pleasant third-grade teacher invents a game that blends Dungeons & Dragons with The Oregon Trail, the mood in her classroom turns fun, then deadly serious.

The 9/11 of Absence Excuses

New York’s darkest day, a disruptive student’s comic antics are just too much to bear. But eighteen months later, her tormented teacher gets the last laugh.

Crying in Prison Bathrooms

From gangster rap puppet theater to teenage porn addicts, an eager young post-grad discovers the joys of teaching at a juvenile prison.

The Brutal Honesty of a Bloodsport Baron

Back when the Bowery Boys and Dead Rabbits ruled Manhattan, dog-fighting, rat-killing and bare-knuckle brawling were the sports of choice—and Kit Burns was king of them all.

Why I Married My Best Friend on Facebook

Online marrying my best friend was the perfect loop hole for avoiding labelling relationships.

Breakfast with Bowies

I drank and drank and drank until I saw triple David Bowies.

Christmas, on the Rocks

A newly-sober navigation of the holiday season delivers pure spirit to a recovering alcoholic.

Crazy in Love

What does a bit off earlobe and a knife wound matter to a couple of lovers.