Michael Estrin

Michael Estrin is a writer living in Los Angeles. You can read more stories, as well as some slice of life humor, at his blog, Situation Normal. He’s currently working on a book about the world’s greatest sound man. You can friend him on Facebook.

Stories By Michael Estrin

My Father Worked Proudly for Both Parties at Seven Inaugurations. I Can’t Stand Trump — But I’ll Be There For Dad.

From Reagan to Obama, Dad taught me that patriotism transcends partisanship.

I Was a Young, Broke Lawyer When I Found the Perfect Job On Craigslist

My company settled tax debt “for pennies on the dollar.” But really I was the one settling.

My Dad Oversaw Sound for the Super Bowl. So the Audio at His Funeral Needed to be Epic.

...and no one was going to stop us.

I Took the Leap Into Marriage—and Landed in the Shallow End

In the blink of an eye, my wedding party went from raucous revelry to a frantic emergency room visit—and a ruined honeymoon. Please don’t ask me if I’m laughing yet.