Michael Patrick Welch

Michael Patrick Welch is the author of books including "The Donkey Show," "New Orleans: the Underground Guide," and his latest, "Famous People I Have Met." His work has appeared in Columbia Journalism Review, Vice, Salon, McSweeney’s and many other places.

Stories By Michael Patrick Welch

New Orleans’ Original Gangsta Rappers Want One More Verse

Before there was Juvenile, Lil Wayne or Master P, two in-your-face rappers pioneered the defining sound of NOLA hip-hop. Now all they want is a little respect.

Jazz’s Great White Hype

The family of a white trumpeter who claimed to have invented jazz demands he be recognized among the genre’s greats…but not everyone is singing the same tune.

My Wife With Goats

In a city of overgrown parks and weed-choked empty lots, one New Orleans woman and her hungry, hungry goats craft a new career beating back the blight.