Michael Stahl

Michael Stahl is a freelance writer, editor and journalist based in Queens, New York, whose work has been published in several print and digital publications, including Rolling Stone, Vice, Village Voice, Quartz, Splitsider, and CityLab. He is a features editor at Narratively.

Stories By Michael Stahl

The 9/11 of Absence Excuses

New York’s darkest day, a disruptive student’s comic antics are just too much to bear. But eighteen months later, her tormented teacher gets the last laugh.

Twilight of the Guardian Angels

Born in the crucible of seedy 1970s New York, does Curtis Silwa’s red-bereted band of citizen crime busters have a place in post-Giuliani, post-Bloomberg NYC?

Love the Huddle

On Stickball Boulevard in The Bronx, old timers revive New York’s classic street game, and bring a few youngsters along for the ride.

Meeting ‘Pretty Ricky’

Sometimes fate chooses a reporter's subject for them...

The Inside Scoop

In the truck with a Mister Softee veteran who's been melting hearts in Queens for 27 years.

Laughing Longer

How one community of improv players elevated goofy skits to high art and inspired thousands of New Yorkers to climb, and fall, on stage with them.

The Kardashians of Queens

How a cheeky community college dropout and his unsuspecting family became neighborhood celebrities—and YouTube’s next big thing.

Far From Home

Jonah Matranga keeps coming back to perform in New York City, embracing all its glorious grit and grime.

The Bittersweet Comfort Food of Post-Sandy Astoria

In one of the safest places to be during the Northeast's "Storm of the Century," overwhelmed business owners both profited and gave a little back.